The Computer Science & Engineering Department is committed in the direction of achieving high academic standards and values to prepare computer science and information technology graduates to meet global standards.

The Department believes that understanding of the nature of information and communication technologies is the cornerstone for the economic development and which alone can assist in building India into a developed nation. The department has been attracting bright students from all parts of the country for quality education in Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology.

The Computer Science & Engineering Department encompasses exceptionally competent, veteran and enthusiastic faculty who communicates perceptive knowledge to the students.

The Department conducts B.Tech course in Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology with the intake of 60 in both branches running from academic session 2009-10.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering has MoUs for Research, Consultancy and training with multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM. Students are encouraged to take up interdisciplinary research in various domains of computer science like computer vision, Data Mining, Networking, high performance computing etc.

The placement records and research facilities available to the students of the department make it one of the best in whole country.

    Computer Science & Engineering Department laboratories are equipped with more than 200 workstations and high speed servers with all the required software and peripherals as per Dr. A.P.J.A.K. Technical University syllabus. All Nodes are connected to internet through high speed dedicated lease line. Equipped with state of art facilities, the lab acts as a research ground for the young technocrats of our college by providing them with the latest hardware and software. Our laboratory has excellent facilities enabling efficient learning in areas of Internet Programming, Data Base Management, Operating Systems, Microprocessor, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Network, Software Engineering and Testing. Few of our labs are as follows:-
    Computer Center is open to students of all branches beyond Institute hours in late evening to provide the maximum benefits to the students. CS&IT department runs and maintains Computer Center to provide computing and internet facility to students and staff of whole institute. The Computer Center is equipped with 30 Dell computers with latest configurations connected with internet services from bsnl (20 Mbps optical fiber leased line)
    The project lab is equipped with 30 Dell computers with latest configurations connected to the xenon server. This lab support many platforms/softwares such as Red-hat Linux 7.1, Visual Studio 6.0, Developer 2000, Network Simulators, MATLAB, .NET, Office 2000, Turbo C/C++. Adobe Page Maker, Java kit, PL/SQL, TASM, Corel Draw, Oracle11G STD. ONE SYMC END POINT PROTECTION 11.0, Students are encouraged to work for their dream projects under the guidance of their respective project guides.
    This lab is equipped with 30 Dell computers with latest configurations connected to the server. System Software lab allows the students to implement symbol table, assemblers, macro processors, loaders and text editors..
    Micro Processor Lab
    In Data Structure & DBMS LAB the students learn various data structure algorithm by performing them on c language, this lab also provides the depth knowledge of DBMS for efficient storage of data’s as they matter in today’s world of bulky usage. This lab is equipped with 30 Dell computers with latest configurations connected to the server and various software installed such as D2K, PL/SQL, CODEGEAR C++ BUILDER PRO ACADEMIC NETWORK LICENCE, Oracle11G STD.ONE.
    Computer Networks Lab involves students in developing their hardware knowledge and to relate their devices and connectivity. It involves in exploring the network topologies, socket programming various transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP, SMTP and FTP. The students can infer a good knowledge about various congestion control algorithms and internet protocols like IPV4 and IPV6. All the programs were implemented on LAN TRAINER KIT.
    Software Engineering Lab provides space for students in solving simple problems using CASE tools for Planning, cost estimation, Modeling the requirements and configuration management. The lab curriculum involves working on various application programs in real-time that makes students to correlate their technical world along with the real world. Rational Rose along with VB6 is used in developing these application programs.

List of some Projects Done by the Students:

The department encourages students to participate in various project exhibitions and students have brought laurels to the department and the college. Some of the projects done by our students are as follows:-

  • Multi One.
  • Bug Reporting System.
  • Visual Cryptography.
  • College Management System.
  • Secret Audio Writing.
  • EDI Freight
  • Emotion Based Music Player.
  • LIP with two server authentication.
  • City Portal.
  • HOBS