Hostel life is the most unforgettable memory of the student journey. KITPS take all care to make it memorable by providing a vibrant atmosphere in hostels headed by wardens. College has separate hostels for boys and girls which are outfitted with all modern amenities. KITPS takes all steps to ensure a safe and hospitable atmosphere through firm as well as transparent approach. Every hostel has heated water for winter, water cooler with filter, communication telephone, common TV room, common reading room, gymnasium and indoor games facilities. Each hostel comprises adequate dining area where hygienic, nutritious and wholesome meals are served to all students.

    State of art Classrooms and teachers make the classroom experience full of life and energy. The construction of the rooms has ensured natural sound proofing and clear visibility.

    It serves as the center of numerous academic events with air conditioning, video projection facility and special light effects. It also serves as a suitable place for interaction through conference, seminars etc.

    To keep its students updated on computers, an advanced networked computer centre has been set up. It has LAN network with number of terminals connected to Server. Additionally, there are some stand-alone terminals too. This centre is connected to Super Information Highway having Internet connection. Dedicated experts help students in developing their skills.

    A state of art sports complex is near completion under technical guidance of college having all facilities like badminton court, indoor Basket Ball Court, Billiards, Table Tennis etc.

    It has been proved that the whole world is like a global village and now therefore, in this era of globalization stabilized link plays an vital role. Realizing the necessity for internet, KITPS facilitating uninterrupted internet connectivity round the clock.

    Adequate hygienic dining facilities are available for all students. Big, Spacious, Ventilated canteen offers varieties of delicious snacks, food articles. Hygiene and Sanitation are maintained in the canteen.

    A dispensary with a qualified doctor on call twenty four hours a day is available. Besides attending to the medical needs of the students, staff and others in the campus, the doctor also carries out routine medical checkup of the students every month. Ambulance facilities are also available to the staff and the students.

    KITPS provides comfortable and well organized transport facility from city and nearby areas as per the expediency of students.

    The state-of-the-art laboratories at KITPS facilitate the training and teaching of student in various streams. Our laboratories comply with the International standards which help the students to be well conversant with the various instruments.

    The workshop consists of shops in the field of fitting, carpentry, machine, smithy, forging, welding and foundry. Mechanical Machine Shop is equipped with Central Lathes, Shaping Machines, Drilling Machines, Electrical shops are fitted with both AC and DC motors, Generators and Alternators with instruments for Circuit and Systems labs.