About Us


The Kothiwal Institute of Technology & Professional Studies is known all across India as an institute for technical studies and can look back on a long tradition. Its programs are characterized by academic diversity and an international atmosphere of learning in a traditional setting with modern teaching facilities. The college provides a forum for public lectures and seminars, workshops and symposia. Expressly committed to the constitutional principle of freedom of research and teaching, the college undertakes basic, applied and subject-specific study.

The secret of success story of KITPS lies in the saga of its unending enthusiasm, ceaseless efforts and continuous progress. Constant endeavors to achieve and retain a high level of quality and topicality in research and teaching, coupled with innovative stimuli resulting from academic mobility has made this college one of India's most important centers of technical education. We at KITPS inspire and stimulate students to develop academic, professional and personal skills and capabilities to perform well in the competitive environment of today marked by new challenges with rising expectations from the engineers. We are sure you will go with our dream and vision of making this college a front-runner and leader in technical education. Today, Kothiwal Iinstitute of Technology & Professional Studies has carved a niche for itself. Our focus is to work towards making education relevant to the real world needs and preserve the ideals of higher education keeping in mind our founder’s vision and goal of excellence.